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11+ English Dame Alice Owens School

1. At what time of the year do the events of the passage take place? 

1 mark


2. What prevents Tom from seeing the time on the grandfather clock? 

2 marks

It is too dark 

The lights on the landing were turned out 

3. Explain, in your own words, how Tom felt when he first sees the garden outside the back door. 

2 marks

Amazed, astounded, shocked, surprised etc (give 1 mark for any of these emotions) 

2 marks for a perceptive answer and a fuller explanation of the two emotions. 

4. Describe the garden he sees, in your own words. 

2 marks

Give 2 marks for full answers which describe: plants in flower, shaped yew trees, lawns, large greenhouse, pathways leading off. 

Award 1 mark only for answers which copy the text. 

5. Write down 2 different words that sum up the atmosphere or mood of the passage at different moments in the story. 

2 marks

Use your judgement here. Likely words: exciting, scary, mysterious, astonishing, tense etc. (1 mark for each correct word) 

6. The writer makes the garden sound inviting and interesting. Pick out three separate examples of this from the passage and comment on the way the writer uses language to make it interesting or vivid. 

6 marks

Award a mark for analysis/focus on the writer’s use of words. Indicative examples: 

“a path that twisted away to some other depths of garden with other trees” 

“the scene tempted him even now; it lay so inviting and clear before him” 

“a towering fir tree”, “a greenhouse almost the size of a greenhouse” 

7. What 3 things have disappeared from the hall when he returns to it? 

1 marks

Laundry box, milk bottles & travel posters (all 3 for 1 mark) 

8. Describe what Tom finds in the hall, when he returns to it. (lines 58-81) 

5 marks

Gothic barometer 

Fan of peacock feathers 

Engraving of a battle & other pictures 

Dinner Gong 

Umbrella Stand- with parasols, fishing rod, airgun etc 

Shelves, one marble, some oak. Glass cabinets with stuffed animals & birds 

Give 1 mark for each correct detail 

9. Write down two things from the passage which show that something strange is happening to Tom? 

2 marks

1 mark for each quotation.  Responses are likely to be taken from 2nd paragraph 

10. What do you think of the boy, Tom, in this extract? What 2 different words or phrases would you use to describe him? You should find 2 examples from the passage to illustrate your comments. 

2 marks

1 mark for any reasonable comment. 

1 mark for a pertinent reference or quotation which supports the point 

Eg. Adventurous, daring, determined, interested/enthusiastic, fearless, curious, proud etc 

11. What do you think has happened to Tom? Continue the story for another few paragraphs (3 or 4) below: 

You will be assessed on the quality of your writing in this section. Marks will be awarded for: 

• A variety of sentences and punctuation 

• Imaginative use of language and interesting vocabulary 

• Accuracy in punctuation, spelling and use of paragraphs 

25 marks

The highest marks will be awarded to writing that is fluent and uses a variety of sentences and is in keeping with the assigned task, ensuring that the story/characters and setting have been successfully continued. The writing should be engaging and interesting to read and use imagery/descriptive language to good effect and a range of ambitious and sophisticated vocabulary. Accuracy in spelling, a good variety of punctuation to shape and control the writing and evidence of paragraphing would be expected. Composition and effect are clearly successful. 

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