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The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Elstree - English Grammar

1. Here are some sentences to make a short story but the sentences are in the wrong order. In the boxes next to each sentence, put a number (1-6) to show the correct order for the story to make sense. 

6 Marks

Andrew ran down the road with 50p to spend at the shops - 1

He looked left and right as he crossed the busy road, still holding on to his coin - 2

When he arrived at the toy shop he looked through the window and smiled - 3

As he entered the shop he was excited by all the colourful toys - 4

He picked up a small, red car from the crowded shelves - 5

After walking up to the till he handed over the money - 6

2. Copy out the sentences below very carefully and add in any capital letters, commas, question marks and full stops you think are needed. 

4 Marks

a. have jack and fred finished their work 

Have Jack and Fred finished their work?

b. mr jones bought eggs flour and butter at the shops on saturday 

Mr. Jones bought eggs, flour and butter at the shops on Saturday.

3. Put a circle around (colour orange) the word that does not mean the same as the others: 


rotate  -  fall  -  turn

bend   -  fold  -   jump

ask  -  complain  -  moan

stay  - remain  -  leave

skip  -  run  -  sprint

ask  -  remind  -  question

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