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Emanuel School

Emanuel is a thriving co-ed day school. It is an ambitious and aspirational environment, with success being achieved academically, as well as in sports, music and drama.

Our pupils are motivated and guided in achieving their goals by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, men and women who care deeply about their subjects, possessing the skills to impart their knowledge and passions. This trusted relationship between pupils and teachers, with the support of parents, is one of the key reasons why Emanuel has become such a positive, happy and high achieving environment.

Beyond the classroom, we encourage every pupil to take an active part in the daily co-curricular life of the school, fulfilling personal aims and learning to feel proud of their contributions to their house, year, club or team. Busy pupils traditionally thrive, growing in confidence through their opportunities and benefiting from wide-reaching social groups.

Our approach to pastoral care is rooted in kindness and mutual respect – we wish each child to think well of themselves and demonstrate empathy and respect in their interactions with others. With numerous opportunities for outreach and charity work within our award-winning programme, we hope that our pupils learn the value and sense of personal fulfilment to be found in helping others.

In October 2022, the school built a new sixth form centre, providing a spacious, light and modern environment for the oldest pupils, and ensuring all their expert support- from higher education advice to careers guidance and pastoral care- is co-located. September 2023 has seen the first two phases of work completed at our off-site sports ground, in Raynes Park. This includes an all-weather Astro for hockey and tennis, and new cricket nets. By the end of the coming academic year, we will create more hard courts at the same site for tennis and netball, providing facilities for sport that match and partner those on the main site. In the longer term, the governing body aims to further improve the teaching and learning spaces, with a focus on establishing more specialist classrooms. There is also a desire to maintain play/recreational and communal spaces- all of which is further detailed in our critical build plan.

11+ Assesses
English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

10-18 years

Type of exam

10+ and 11+
Written exams English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning

Written exams English, Maths and the school’s own general paper.

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