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Haberdasher’s Boy’s School

Founded in 1690 and currently residing in Elstree, the school is committed to maintaining the highest standards in education. We aim to provide a dynamic, holistic educational experience for pupils aged 4 to 18. Supported by our extensive co-curricular programme, pupils can explore individual interests and passions in and beyond the classroom. 

Situated in the leafy, idyllic, 100-acre campus in Hertfordshire, just outside of London, Habs shares its wonderful campus with its sister school, Haberdashers' Girls' School. This fantastic opportunity of sharing such a large space with Habs Girls means that the school can also offer the best of single-sex education in a unique co-educational environment. From September 2022, every Sixth Former will be taught at least one subject in a mixed-gender class.

It is the school's belief that it has the largest coach network of any school in the UK. With 150 stops, spanning a 30-mile radius for both morning and return journeys, it allows pupils from both Habs Boys and Habs Girls from far and wide to benefit from a Haberdashers' education

Our purpose at Habs is to ensure that every student who comes through our school is empowered to be able to make a profound impact in the world. We want all our students to have the capacity to lead and to make a positive difference, whether that be by driving positive change in society, or simply by being a good person who makes a difference to those around them.

We are an academically ambitious school.  Students at Habs can expect to be challenged above and beyond any exam curriculum.  We encourage students to think hard and we nurture intellectual curiosity, all of which enables students not just to excel in exams and achieve their higher education goals, but also to develop an enduring love of learning.

We develop students’ personal skills and attributes.  Through our exciting curriculum and our outstanding range of co-curricular and partnership opportunities, students develop character, independence, creativity, teamwork and the ability to communicate and motivate others.  We value every individual for who they are and support our students to find happiness.

We encourage students to take responsibility and ownership. Students have opportunities to lead, in Sports, Music, the Arts, CCF, through our partnership initiatives, and in many other ways, helping them to recognise the part that they can play to make our community even stronger and more cohesive, whilst having fun along the way.

By enabling students to achieve the highest academic outcomes, to grow personally, and to invest in our community, we can be sure that they will leave us fully equipped to make their own profound impact in the world.

11+ Assesses
(Online) Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Day School

Age range

4-18 years

Type of exam

Stage 1:
Play- date group assessment
Stage 2:
Candidates invited back will take part in an individual pupil assessment with the Early Years Team.

7+ Stage 1: Written Assessment in English, Maths and Reasoning.
Stage 2: Interview follows
With parents.

Stage 1:Online 90 minute assessment in Maths, English and Reasoning
Stage 2: Interview follows
With parents.

Stage 1:Written assessments in Maths, English, Science and General Humanities
Stage 2:
Interview follows

13+ Deferred Entry 11 plus style exam taken in year 6 for deferred entry into year 9

Stage 1: 1 hour written Maths assessment and a 1 hour general paper.
Stage 2:
If successful then candidates asked back for subject specific interviews. Reference from current school.
Nine GCSEs required with a minimum grade 7

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