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Sutton Valence School

Sutton Valence School (SVS) has been inspiring pupils since 1576. Our greatest strength is our community. Staff, pupils and parents enjoy mutual respect and kinship that allows each individual to embark on a unique educational journey; a journey fuelled by self-confidence, hard work and high academic standards.

Pupils have been inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Sutton Valence School since 1576. We are very proud of our history, but we also look keenly to the future. From the School’s opening until now, our greatest strength is our community. The relationships enjoyed between staff, pupils and parents allow us to craft an educational journey that is individually suited to every pupil. If we feel supported, cared for and recognised for what we are, then we will feel comfortable pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone to discover the limits of our ability – these are our primary aims. It is only through this process that we can truly achieve.

Through the high expectations and standards we set, all our young people are encouraged and helped to go further than they had thought possible in their academic, co-curricular, community and leadership journeys. We want them to become confident, civilised, tolerant and open-minded individuals who possess a love of learning and a strong sense of self-discipline along with a set of values reflecting our principles as a Christian Foundation.

Each will have taken a slightly different journey by the time they finish their School education, but our ultimate destinations for all are the same: that they will work hard to fulfil their true potential and add value to their lives. All of us in the SVS community have strengths and weaknesses, but it is our unique qualities that add to the overall strength of the whole and in recognising this we uphold our ethos: a community where each cares for all and individuality is cherished.

Year 3-6 Assesses
Assessment with the Academic Deputy Head, involving Reading, Spelling, Mathematics and Non-verbal Reasoning.

11+ Assesses
ISEB Common Pretest

Admissions contact

Prep School
Tel: 01622 842117

Senior School

Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boarding and Day School

Age range

2-18 years

Type of exam

Non- Selective

Reception - Year2
Non Selective
Taster Full Day
Assessment in Spelling, reading Maths and NVR.

11+ and 13+
ISEB common pretest.

Conditional on GCSE results
Typically requiring an average 32 points across six GCSE subjects.
School reference

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