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Bancroft School

Bancroft’s School was founded by the Drapers’ Company in 1737 on the Mile End Road as a day-school for local boys from a diverse range of backgrounds; the School has come a long way geographically and institutionally since then but the School remains committed to enabling pupils from a wide range of backgrounds to enjoy our education and has a long tradition of excellence.

We are now a co-educational independent day school for around 1000 pupils from 7 to 18 and an unashamedly aspirational school, devoted to scholarship and intellectual inquiry. We aim to provide an atmosphere in which each child can flourish and we believe that children succeed when they take full advantage of the huge range of different opportunities we provide – whether immersed in academic research, being out on the sports fields, taking part in charitable activities, acting on the stage, playing music and attending some of our numerous clubs and societies, our pupils challenge themselves and learn by taking part wholeheartedly in school life.

We have the highest expectations for every child in the school and we support, encourage and nurture each individual; we want our pupils to enjoy life to the full, make enduring friendships and grow up in a friendly, safe but challenging environment.

Simon Marshall
“At Bancroft’s we continually strive to ensure that all our pupils leave here with the confidence, self-awareness and knowledge to thrive in the world beyond, as well as taking with them an awareness of others and an abiding curiosity about the world.”

Places available at 7+

Places Available at 11+

11+ Assesses
English, Maths, Reasoning

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

7-18 years

Type of exam

Online and Written

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