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What we offer

About Our Tuition

Our tutors have an expansive knowledge of the exam processes at all stages and are eager to help your child develop and grow.

Curriculum support

Personalised tuition fostering confidence and academic achievement with tailored learning solutions.

11+ Tuition

Let us help guide your way through 11+ journey, 100% success rate for one of your top three schools.

SEN/Additional Needs

Bespoke curriculum or exam support designed to meet your child’s needs and help them to succeed.

Home education

Curriculum support - ‘closing the gap’ tuition.

Our lessons are completely bespoke for your needs. Lessons can range from 1-3 hours depending on your child’s needs, age and capabilities.


This will be discussed with you, in the  follow up to your enquiry, to work out the best path for your child. Lessons can be arranged at your house, or on Zoom, whichever suits you and your child’s needs and schedule. 


After your enquiry, you will be contacted and assessed by either the Director or Assistant Director who will liaise with you to find an appropriate tutor and curriculum plan.


You will then liaise directly with your tutor to arrange times that suit you both.

SEN/Additional Needs tuition and in-school support

SEN Tuition

We are passionate about children with additional learning and behavioural needs. The system of learning and assessments in our school system isn’t always sympathetic to children with SEN or specific learning needs. We can help navigate their way through the education system with a tuition program that works for them and helps to build their skill set, confidence and love of learning. We work closely with Creative Therapy Ltd- a great team of therapists who work with children who may need an additional intervention. We also liaise with Dr. Susan Lipkin, a renowned,  expert Educational Psychologist, who can help to assess and diagnose your child and help guide you and us with specific recommendations to facilitate your child’s learning.  Our Director, Emily Norris, is a mother of four, two of whom have SEN. Our Assistant Director, Mags Pitre, has extensive experience working with children with a range of SEN in both a classroom and 1:1 Tuition setting.  As such, they both have the  passion for helping children of all ages and needs to access their learning and the experience to find  a way that works for them. They have chosen a like-minded team to ensure that no matter which tutor your child sees, this ethos will remain.

1:1 Tuition

All of our tutors have experience working with children with Additional Needs. We work using a range of different learning styles (eg. visual, kinesthetic, games-based, sensory etc) in order to help your child to access their learning and close gaps. We can liaise with your child's class teacher to align our lessons to the topics covered in class so that your child gets an extra level of support for that topic. Alternatively, we can pre-teach the upcoming learning so that your child does not feel overwhelmed when new topics are introduced.  We have experience working alongside classroom teachers and SENCos to ensure a co-ordinated approach. We do, for example, help with, or contribute to, the EHCP application process. We also can attend EHCP meetings with the child’s school to ensure that target setting for school and home tuition are aligned.

In-School Support

Some children may need 1:1 support in school that the school is unable to provide, for example, before EHCPs come into effect, while the child is in the process of being assessed etc.  Our tutors are able to come into your child’s school to work 1:1 with your child throughout the school day. We liaise with the class teacher and SENCo to ensure that the planning that we do is in-line with the class teacher’s planning, while ensuring that it is differentiated in a way that is individualised for your child’s needs. This allows them to engage with the learning along with their peers at a level and in a manner that is appropriate for them.

Private Tutor

11+ Tuition

11+ Exams can differ from school to school as they use different exam boards, pre-tests or interview styles. We know that the 11+ process can be extremely daunting and stressful and we are here to help you and your child navigate through successfully. 


Our 11+ tuition helps your child prepare for their upcoming exams by exposing them to the types of questions that have been asked in the past and that are likely to come up in their own exam. By practising the many types of questions that are asked and learning the strategies and exam techniques they need to employ to answer them, they are more likely to feel calm, collected and confident going into their own exam. 


For advice about a specific school, feel free to contact us. Our tutors have an expansive knowledge of the exam processes at all stages and are eager to help your child develop and grow.

What we offer

How We Can Help

We provide personalised education services for your child, to boost confidence and ensure success. 

Curriculum support

Personalised tuition at closing the gap, fostering confidence and academic achievement with tailored learning solutions.

11 + Mock Tests

Improve exam techniques with expert guidance, reduce anxiety before the real thing.

Year One Phonics Prep

Mock screenings using past phonic papers to identity key sounds that need improvement and how we can help support with this.

SEN/Additional Needs

Inclusive Education Solutions: Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Additional Needs Tuition, alongside In-School Support.

11+ Intensive Courses

Trusted by parents at top schools, improve exam techniques with expert guidances, gives your child the skill set to pass.

KS2/KS3 Study Skills

a huge gap in many children’s arsenal is the ability to organise and manage revision effectively. We can help!

Exam Prep Assessments

Transformative journey with our confidence-boosting strategies designed to elevate performance and ensure success in exams. 

Interview Preparation

Top Tips to feel confident in your interview and examples of real interview questions to help you be prepared.

Exam Preparation

Tailored support for a range of exams, including 4+, 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, SATs, 13+, GCSE, iGCSE, and A-levels

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