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City of London School for Boys

When visiting City of London School, you cannot help but sense a buzz: pupils and staff alike exude enthusiasm for the opportunities that an education here provides.

CLS is defined by its iconic location, a wonderfully diverse pupil body, outstanding pastoral care, academic excellence and an exciting co-curriculum. We are grounded and unpretentious, but ambitious nonetheless. And we understand that, for our pupils to make progress, they must be comfortable in their own skin.

Within this context, we are committed to preparing respectful, optimistic and inquisitive pupils for the rapidly changing demands of the twenty-first century. We understand that this requires an understanding of the society of which they are part: they must be aware. It requires a broad range of skills, academic and otherwise: they must be ready. But, most of all, it requires empathy and understanding: they must be kind.

Equally important is our determination to make a City of London School education available to as many boys as possible, including through means-tested support and transformational bursaries. I am proud to be the Head of a school that has this as a central priority, and we are very grateful to all who help us to make this happen.

11+ Assesses
Part 1 (Online) - English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning 
Part 2 - Creative Writing

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

10-18 years

Type of exam

10+ and 11+ Part 1- Online ATOM
Part 2-Creative Writing
Interview to follow
Part 1: ISEB in year 6.
16 +
Part 1:6 full GCSE or IGCSE passes at grade 8/9
Part 2: Written assessment in 3 chosen subjects for A level
Part 3: CAT4 test (online)

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