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Dame Alice Owen School

We have a distinguished history. Dame Alice Owen founded our school in 1613 in Islington; initially a boys’ school, followed by the addition of a girls’ school in 1886 and becoming co-educational after the move to our present site in 1973. Her legacy, through the Brewers Company, is still felt throughout our school today.

New buildings and facilities, set in our extensive 34 acre grounds with a large lake, have been built since our move ensuring we have an ever-evolving, superbly equipped teaching and learning environment.

Two hundred children are admitted each year in accordance with our Governors’ published criteria with priority for a number of local children and current siblings. Our intake is allocated to seven mixed ability teaching groups.

Studying at Dame Alice Owen’s

We provide an education which is both challenging and fulfilling, equipping students with all the essential skills for life. Reflecting the motto of the Worshipful Company of Brewers, ‘In God is all our trust’, our school has a long tradition of working within the ethos of British values and students of all faiths are warmly welcomed at the school.

Great store is placed on enabling every young person to realise his or her full potential regardless of ability. We are justly proud of our outstanding success in public examinations, consistently recognized as some of the best results in the Country. All students follow the full National Curriculum and the Hertfordshire-agreed syllabus for Religious Education (details of which can be found in our annually produced Supplementary Information Booklet). The national programme is enhanced by the teaching of Drama in Years 7 and 8 and by the introduction of separate sciences in Year 8. The majority of students study separate sciences at GCSE as well as at A Level.

Students excel in external competitions such as the Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Challenges where many obtain gold awards and are subsequently invited to compete at the highest levels.

Excellent results are mirrored by the enthusiasm and determination with which each and every subject is studied by all our students. Personal well being and academic success is encouraged by a highly supportive pastoral care system which includes Form Tutors, Heads of Student Progress and Assistant Heads. We aim for every young person to realise their full potential regardless of ability and to develop into a mature, well-rounded adult with a real understanding of moral and social issues, equipped for the 21st Century.

11+ Assesses
Part 1 - Verbal Reasoning
Part 2 - English and Maths

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

11- 18 years

Type of exam

Stage 1:
GL Verbal Reasoning paper. Top ranked 325 applicants invited for the
Stage 2:
Written Maths and English Paper

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