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Felsted School

Felsted offers children aged four to eighteen a first class all round education, based on a safe, rural 80 acre village campus in stunning North Essex, only one hour from London and Cambridge.

We welcome students from all over the world to appreciate a leading British boarding school education. A variety of boarding options and day places are available to suit modern family life, with bus routes from across the region.
Founded in 1564, Felsted celebrated 50 years of co-education in 2020. We were also delighted to be named Boarding School of the Year in 2023!

Felsted is a family school, structured in such a way that your child will always be part of a school-within-a-school, in which academic stretch and pastoral support are always entirely personal and age appropriate. At the Prep School these take the form of ‘Phases’, at the Senior School it is within a House structure that your child will find nurture, support, camaraderie and friendship.

The beauty of this approach is that Felsted grows with your child. As pupils move through the school they enjoy more and more of the available space and specialist facilities and benefit from an ever-greater range of opportunities in a gradually extending day. Each much anticipated stage brings greater self-reliance and affords your child exciting new challenges, privileges and possibilities within a unifying framework underpinned by shared values and a clear pathway.

11+ Assesses
Maths, English Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boarding and Day School

Age range

4- 18 years

Type of exam

4+: Taster day child to take with them current reading book.

7+: Taster day child to take with them current reading book.

11+: Online adaptive assessment in Maths, English VR and NVR

Online adaptive assessment in Maths, English VR and NVR
Followed with an interview.

Online adaptive assessment
Copy of predicted GCSE grades, level 6 in six subjects. Level 7 in A- level choice subjects plus reference from current school

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