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Hampstead Hill School

At Hampstead Hill School the whole community has a responsibility and duty of care to ensure that everyone is kept safe from harm and neglect. Established upon family values, our child centred approach to education contributes towards the happy and warm learning environment experienced in all areas of the school. We are committed to providing a secure and supportive environment in which children can develop and grow into respectful and responsible people. Throughout the school, our behaviour and curriculum is driven by our school values:

Respect. Kindness. Community. Curiosity. Conservation.

Hampstead Hill School are committed to creating meaningful learning experiences for all children through high-quality teaching and a broad, enriching curriculum that supports both academic excellence and social confidence. The school site and neighbouring facilities provide a wide range of opportunities to support the children’s personal, social and academic development supplemented with a rich foundation of the British values that prepare them to contribute as positive members of society.

Our school culture is built upon respect. Our focus on respectful relationships permeates all areas of school and can be seen in the interactions between all stakeholders. Further, we believe that pupil voice is essential for the maintenance of the school’s culture – this contributes significantly to the children’s self-esteem and happiness.

To support the children’s academic and social progress, we facilitate controlled challenges to develop the positive and growth mindset required for children to adapt and overcome the modern challenges we all face. To enhance the children’s social skills and emotional development we place high value on the opportunities children have to engage and appreciate the outdoors.

We aim to develop respectful, community centred children who are curious to learn, kind to others and the planet and understand the importance of sustainability and conservation.

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