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King’s College School, Wimbledon

Welcome to King's.

Ours is a friendly, energetic and purposeful community, where pupils’ enthusiasms and creativity shine in every corner of the school. Visitors comment on the phenomenal opportunities for our pupils both inside and outside the classroom. Our parents highlight the care of our dedicated staff, who go above and beyond in supporting and inspiring each young person to grow as an individual. Our pupils recognise that kindness, inclusivity, and our commitment to our wider communities, are at the centre of school life.    

Founded by Royal Charter in 1829, as part of the junior department of King’s College London, the power and joy of learning have been at the heart of the life of King’s from its foundation. While pupils’ exceptional success in public examinations makes us one of the world’s leading schools, a true King’s education is so much more.  Above all, we look to the world beyond school, and to the lives we prepare our young people to lead.   

As Head, I care deeply about preparing our young people for their futures – to lead joyful and fulfilled lives, and to make a positive contribution, whichever pathway they choose. At heart, a King’s education starts from our pupils’ adventure of learning and discovery, about the studies that captivate them, about themselves, and about the world around them – now, and when they venture beyond school.    

Not possible to apply for both 11+ and 13+

11+ Assesses
English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning

Admissions contact
020 8255 5349

Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Day School

CoEd Sixth Form

Age range

11-18 years
16-18 years

Type of exam

11+ and 13+ (Both taken in year 6)
Stage 1:
Written Assessments in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning
Stage 2:
Successful candidates will be called back for activity sessions and interviews.

Stage 1:
1 hour written general paper Maths and English.
Stage 2:
If successful then candidates asked back for subject specific interviews and a general interview. Reference from current school.

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