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Lady Eleanor Holles

Welcome to Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) and thank you for taking the time to find out more about our remarkable school.

LEH is a place of curiosity and adventure, where enthusiastic and bright young minds are encouraged to be bold and brave in their thoughts, actions, and dreams for the future. Pupils are given the encouragement, inspiration, and opportunity to experience new things, to take risks, and to innovate as they grow and discover more about themselves. They do this in the warmth and safety of a caring school community with mutual respect and positive relationships at its heart. We are proud to be a values-driven school, where difference is celebrated, and everyone feels like they belong.

Our curriculum is as broad as it is dynamic and is delivered alongside a varied programme of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Our pupils have the chance to explore different interests and passions, to be courageous in their intellectual endeavours, and to bring their ideas to life while playing an active role in shaping their school. They go forward with the skills and confidence to enrich the world around them in the years that follow.

Our students achieve excellent results academically, but this is not what defines them or LEH. The best way to understand the culture and character of LEH is to see us in action. Come along to one of our open events, meet our wonderful pupils, teachers and staff and see, first hand, what makes LEH a special place to be. I’ve no doubt you’ll experience what I felt the first time I walked through our doors: that LEH is a happy, confident yet relaxed school, full of energy, determination, and hope for the future.

7+ Assesses
Maths and English

11+ Assesses
Part 1- ISEB Common Pre-Test 
Part 2 - Problem Solving Paper (includes elements of Maths and English)

Admissions contact

Junior School
Tel: 020 8979 2173

Senior School
Tel: 020 8979 1601

Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Girls Day

Age range

7-18 years

Type of exam

Maths and English assessment.
Successful candidates invited back for observed problem solving activity.
ISEB online
Candidates are required to take papers in the subjects which they propose to study in sixth form.

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