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Latymer Prep School

Welcome to Latymer Prep School. Situated on the banks of the River Thames in West London, our world-class sporting, drama and music facilities enable this dynamic community of talented young people to combine the highest academic achievement with excellence in the arts and sport. 

Latymer Prep and Latymer Upper School is one of the country’s leading co-educational, independent day schools for children aged 7-18. As a through school, we can offer continuity of learning and pastoral support, preparing our pupils to be outstanding Latymerians who live lives of consequence as mindful citizens of the world.

Whilst a Latymer education enables children to achieve the highest academic standards, we are proud to offer an education that is truly rounded - with as much emphasis on developing pupils’ sense of civic responsibility as on nurturing academic excellence. From the moment a child starts with us, we celebrate their individuality, encourage active curiosity and promote a love of learning for its own sake. All of this leads towards a ‘growth mindset’, where ability is not fixed by destiny, genetics, or socio-economics. This approach teaches children to believe their potential to achieve is unlimited. This builds self-confidence and resilience, giving children emotional strength and courage to try out ideas to ‘flounder intelligently’- even if at first they don’t succeed. 

Our curriculum includes 16 subject areas – from maths to food & nutrition, mandarin to design, science and art, spanish, history, philosophy and literature – and is complemented by a stimulating and comprehensive extra-curricular offering. There is a wide choice of clubs and societies for pupils to enjoy at lunchtime and after school, such as chess, art, gardening and water polo and each pupil is encouraged to try new activities, be it for one term or longer – with some going on to become lifelong passions.

While Form tutors have primary pastoral responsibility – in terms of pupils’ academic and social life at the school – wellbeing is a whole school responsibility. Being a small school, all of the staff know all the children and their families well.

Our long-running bursary scheme underpins the values at the very heart of Latymer, making the outstanding education we offer accessible to bright children from all backgrounds.

Places Available at 7+
44 (22 boys and 22 girls)

7+ Assesses
Comprehension, Creative Writing, Maths

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Co-Ed Day

Age range

7-11 years

Type of exam

Written Assessments in English and Maths
Stage 2:
Successful candidates will be called back for activity sessions and interview

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