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Latymer Upper School

We’ve been offering a rigorous and stimulating education to bright children for a long time. 400 years in fact. 

As one of the leading co-educational day schools in the country, we continue to offer today’s pupils a life-changing education. Our school’s ethos of social inclusivity is as strong today as it was in 1624 when Edward Latymer, a prosperous lawyer,  left part of his wealth for the clothing and education of “eight poore boyes” from Hammersmith.

Edward Latymer’s vision remains firmly at the heart of the School, with a vibrant student body of over 1440 pupils enjoying a rich, varied and forward-thinking education.

Visitors to Latymer Upper School frequently refer to the ‘palpable buzz’ and energy that is felt on first entering our busy and vibrant school.
I felt it too,  initially when I came here as a prospective parent and later on becoming Head here, and this vitality is one of the many characteristics of Latymer that makes studying and working here so stimulating. Our location in the heart of West London is, of course, another factor and I’m really proud that the School has so many features in common with our wonderful city. It values and respects diversity; it’s modern and forward-thinking; it promotes a global outlook and has a dynamic community of talented people who combine the highest academic achievement with excellence in the arts and sport.

One thing that attracted me to the School is that there appears to be no such thing as a ‘typical’ Latymerian. Try to pigeon-hole our eclectic student body and you pretty quickly come unstuck. Ours is not a one size fits all school. To be a Latymerian is to be part of a diverse community and it’s important to make the point to prospective parents that, outside of academic ability and an enquiring mind, there is no archetypal Latymer pupil, and that all teachers nurture and celebrate their students’ individuality.
I’m proud of our Latymerians; they’re academic, rounded and grounded – and they care about each other as well as those who may need help in the local and global community. In 2018 the School received three national awards from the TES: one for independent-state school partnerships (we partner with over 250 local schools, charities and community groups to the benefit of 3,000 children each year), one for ‘senior school of the year’ and one for ‘independent school of the year’.

Latymer offers a diverse and dynamic environment in which pupils from all walks of life learn together and are exposed to different perspectives – a valuable lesson in itself. This is in part due to our ambitious bursary programme.

Through our campaign, Inspiring Minds, we aim to raise enough funds to be able to offer one in four of our pupils a means-tested bursary, making Latymer one of the most inclusive independent schools in the country. Indeed, thanks to the success of the campaign, one in four of our Year 7 pupils joins the School on a bursary this year.

11+ Assesses
English and Maths

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Co-Ed Day

Age range

11-18 years

Type of exam

Stage 1:Written assessment in Maths and English.
Stage 2:
Interview follows
With parents.
Stage 1:
Written assessment in Maths, English and critical thinking.

Stage 2:
Copy of predicted GCSE grades, level 7-9 in nine subjects.

If successful then candidates asked back for subject specific interviews and a general interview.
Reference from current school.

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