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Leicester High School for Girls

At Leicester High School for Girls, an Independent School, we specialise in bringing out the very best in girls aged 3-18. We educate girls to their full potential whilst building their confidence through a wide range of opportunities, thus Giving Girls Education, Confidence and Opportunity.

​Leicester High School is one of the academically highest-achieving schools in the country, but this is only one aspect of what the School offers. Our pastoral care is also outstanding; we are committed to developing the whole person.

One of our special qualities is that we educate girls continuously from age 3 when they enter our Early Years, to Sixth Form when they leave as fully-rounded, confident young women who can take their place in the world of the 21st Century.

Our Christian ethos is at the heart of what makes this School so special, and we embrace pupils from all faiths and none. Girls are encouraged in the traditional values of honesty, responsibility and self-reliance to have strong moral values and codes of behaviour, coupled with an awareness of others. These traditional values are balanced with a progressive curriculum to fully prepare the girls for university and beyond.

Junior School Assesses
Junior Department assessments for Years 1-5 include tests in English and Maths and usually take place over 5 hours, between 9.00am and 2.00pm. During the assessment, your daughter will join in with the classroom activities going on that day. They will also spend break time in the playground with their classmates, exploring and playing whilst being observed.

Years 6-10  Assesses
Online: Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning 
Written: Creative Writing

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Girls Day School

Age range

3-18 years

Type of exam

4+- 2 hours Taster Morning Assessment in small groups.

Junior Department - Year 1-5 - 5 hours
Taster Day. Assessment in English and Maths
Senior Department - Year 6-10
2 hours
Online Assessment in English and Maths, NVR and VR. Written paper in creative writing.

Copy of predicted GCSE grades, level 6 in six subjects. Level 7 in A- level choice subjects plus reference from current school

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