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More House School

More House is a small school that means big business. Having taught girls since 1952, we know how girls learn best. Our pupils skip up our steps as 11-year-old children and leave us at 18, as accomplished and emotionally intelligent young women, ready to go out and change the world.

#As a school, we embrace a number of juxtapositions. Inside our historic building, we deliver a progressive Catholic education. Our lessons start in Knightsbridge but extend to the wider world. Our small class sizes engage our pupils in big thinking.

We are preparing our pupils for the juggling act of adulthood. Our core values of commitment, integrity and compassion are evident in the students academic and co-curricular achievements, their relationships with others and through initiatives such as our More Green sustainability group and Faith in Action programme. Our outstanding pastoral care enables our girls to flourish in a nurturing environment that recognises and cherishes the whole person.

Our central London location provides a launchpad for access to London’s best sporting venues, galleries, museums and theatres.

As a school, we are innovative and encourage creativity right across the curriculum. Our City Curriculum, Park School, More Projects and More Holidays initiatives offer pupils the opportunity to engage in project-based learning and develop key skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, fundraising and leadership. What the world needs at this very moment is versatile and ethical leaders who are driven by more than the traditional measures of success.

11+ Assesses

London 11+ Consortium - Maths, Problem Solving, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Analysis (aka Creative Comprehension)

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Day and Boarding school

Age range

8-19 years

Type of exam

Consultation with Admin and staff.

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