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Queen’s College London

“We want Queen's to be a community where every individual thrives."

Queen’s has been at the forefront of education for over 175 years. Established in 1848, Queen’s was the first British educational establishment to give academic qualifications to women. We are now one of the most high-achieving, diverse and forward-looking girls’ schools in London.

Queen's College, London occupies an extraordinary position in the history of education. It was founded in 1848 by Frederick Denison Maurice, professor of English Literature and History at King's College, London and a Christian socialist thinker.

His ambition was to provide a means by which girls and young women could gain a serious education, and Queen's was the first institution in Great Britain where they could study for and gain academic qualifications.

In 1853 Queen's became the first girls’ school to receive a Royal Charter, from Queen Victoria, which established much of the organisation of the College. Following this early royal patronage, the Patron of the College was always a queen, and our most recent patron was the late Queen Elizabeth II.

In keeping with its radical and pioneering past, Queen's has maintained a liberal and self-confident tradition throughout its history. It has educated young women who have gone on to become leaders in their professions and who have blazed trails in just about every walk of life.

We live in extraordinary times where young women have many conflicting pressures on them, and a choice of many different paths they can take through life. This needs an extraordinary school, and we believe we have one at Queen’s. Ours is a community where success comes not from pressure, but from tolerance, kindness and respect. Supported by outstanding teaching and pastoral care, pupils learn not just their subjects, but to value themselves and each other, leaving with a clear sense of who they are and how they can make a difference.

Our academic results speak for themselves, but our pupils are our finest ambassadors.

11+ Assesses

London 11+ Consortium - Maths, Problem Solving, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Analysis (aka Creative Comprehension)

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Girls Day School

Age range

11-18 years

Type of exam

11+ London 11+ Consortium

Assessment in a chosen subject for A level
Interview with Director of senior college, reference from current school.
Conditional on GCSE results
(5 GCSE’s passes graded 9-5)

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