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St Paul’s

St Paul’s School offers a rich, rigorous and stimulating academic education alongside outstanding opportunities in music, drama and sport.

Pupils are actively encouraged to pursue their own interests, whether intellectual, cultural, spiritual or physical, within and beyond the curriculum.

The pace at St Paul’s School is fast and bright boys thrive in the engaging and supportive environment.

The week runs from Monday to Friday with eight, 35-minute periods each day, plus a morning break and regular sessions to catch up with tutors.

The School’s extra-curricular life is diverse and often pupil-led. A 100 minute lunch break  creates space for a wide range of societies and activities, catering for both casual and specialised interests, ranging from voluntary service, outdoor pursuits, current affairs, debating, philosophy, music, drama, Christian Union and sport to creative writing, magic, film-making and stand-up comedy. All pupils also have one afternoon of games each week.

In Years 9 to 11 (which we refer to as our Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Forms), homework is set for every school day and normally takes about two hours. Pupils in Years 12–13 (Lower and Upper Eighth) are encouraged to spend a minimum of 15 hours each week on homework and private study.

Most pupils are day pupils, although around 30 boarding or flexi-boarding places are available.

11+ and 13+  Assesses
Stage 1 - ISEB Pretest
Stage 2 - English and Maths

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Day School

Age range

7-18 years

Type of exam

7+ and 8+ 
Stage 1: 
Written Assessment in English and Maths and Reasoning. The English task remains a dictation exercise. 

Stage 2:  
Successful candidates in the written assessments will be invited back for a half -day 
groups assessment ( approx 10 children per group) 
This process will involve a Math and English lesson plus a group problem- solving task. 
Parents have the opportunity to meet with the Head of St Paul’s Juniors. 

11+ /13+ 

Stage 1: 
Online ISEB  assessment in Maths and English
and Reasoning.
Stage 2:  
Successful candidates are invited back to take in the written assessments in English and Maths 
Stage 3: 
Successful candidates are invited back for an interview. 

Stage 1: 
IELTS test
Stage 2:  
Successful candidates are invited back to take part in the written assessments in their chosen subjects. 
Candidates may be required to sit a critical thinking skills paper
And write about their interest, aspirations and motivations for joining St Pauls’ Stage 3: 
Successful candidates are invited back for an interview with the Head of Department for their chosen subjects.

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