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Sutton Grammar School

Welcome to Sutton Grammar School, a thriving state-funded selective school situated in the centre of Sutton, with excellent transport links by bus and train.

We take 135 boys each year into Year 7, and the vast majority will stay at the school for seven years. Other students join the school in the Sixth Form; each year, we plan to take about thirty extra students (boys or girls) into Year 12. The students get excellent results in academic exams, but just as important is that they leave the school confident, articulate young people. They have a balance of qualifications, skills and experiences that prepare them well for entry to leading universities and professional careers. Our school puts the nurture of its students’ welfare on par with the nurture of their intellect.

We value breadth in studies; there is strong support for the arts and sports and for students maintaining a broad range of subjects throughout their time at the school, including in the Sixth Form, where four subjects at A-level is the average load for each student.

Extra-curricular activities are a noteworthy part of school life. There are many opportunities to participate in music, drama and sport, and we have a large voluntary CCF. You can learn electronics in early release time and do STEM projects in Key Stage 4. Our students also produce several high-quality publications and multimedia work. We have enjoyed great success in national competitions in science, technology and maths.

One feature that contributes to the very positive ethos within the school is our size. The dedicated staff know the boys well, and fantastic pastoral care is given the proper priority to ensure that boys are stretched academically but are cared for as well. Where it is needed, there is expertise in supporting special needs.

This is an excellent school for academic students – kind, inclusive and dynamic, with many opportunities for personal development. Every one of our students and their parents are proud to be a member of our community.

Places Available at 11+

11+ Assesses
Selective Eligibility Test (SET)

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

11-18 years

Type of exam

2 Stage Assessment
Stage 1: SET test (selective eligibility test)
Stage 2:
School’s own assessment
Written assessment in Maths and English
Conditional on GCSE results

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