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The Academy

The Academy School began in 1997, based on the principle that children should first and foremost be happy. We are a family school for boys and girls, where every child arrives each morning excited about the day ahead, and goes home animated by what they have done and learned that day. We cultivate a lively spirit of freedom alongside responsibility, so that our children learn to value themselves and others as individuals.

Children can enter the Academy School from the age of six. Our principal points of entry are into years 2, 3 and 7 although we can admit children into other groups depending on the availability of places.
Our aim is that every child should feel safe, secure and understood, and we know that children whose emotional and intellectual needs are met are most likely to meet their full potential academically. We have a strong record of children going on to their preferred senior school (often with scholarships), and we are proud that we are known as much for our confident, happy children as for our traditional academic excellence.

Do come and visit us: we welcome prospective parents at any time during the academic year. We can also arrange for your child to spend a morning or afternoon here.

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