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The King Alfred School

Walking into King Alfred, you instantly sense that it is a unique environment. Situated on the edge of Hampstead Heath, you will notice the village green setting, our farm, our beautiful trees. Our school dog may bark a hello, and you will see students relaxing and learning in our historic tree house. Above all, you will see children and young people who are genuinely happy to be at school.
Our vision of what schools should be like goes back to our founders in 1898. They wanted to provide an education that focused on what was best for the whole child, on the development of character and individuality. And these principles remain just as true today as they did over 125 years ago.

As a result, we are less hierarchical and more democratic than other schools. First names are used between students and staff, there is no uniform, and as few rules as can be managed within a community.  Our students can be who they really are, and develop into creative, confident and thoughtful individuals. Over the course of our history, our graduates have achieved brilliantly, and have been given the foundations to go on and lead happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

At the heart of our education is a child-centred approach. We appreciate that every child is unique, and we get to know them as individuals. By making the curriculum and learning experiences active, creative and challenging, we nurture a love of learning and a passion to continue education throughout their lives. Examination success is important, we support our students to take them in their stride, and value their learning beyond the exam grade.

We also ensure our students are equipped to be socially responsible citizens ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We support them to gain a sophisticated understanding of societies both near and far from home and to recognise the value of diversity and alternative views. We ensure they have a strong voice within their school, and the skills and attributes required for our rapidly changing world.

Personal development and pastoral care have also always been at the heart of who we are.  We appreciate today’s pressures on young people, and have the experience and resources to support each individual’s well-being. Young people are capable of incredible accomplishments and our approach encourages them to build their confidence and self-belief. The mark of a KAS student is that they are resilient, compassionate, and filled with an appetite for the possibilities of life.

With many generations of success behind us, we are passionately committed to what we do.

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