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Tonbridge School

Tonbridge is one of the leading boys’ boarding and day schools in the country and is highly respected, both here and internationally, for providing a world-class education.

Our boys are encouraged to be creative and intellectually curious; to approach new opportunities with confidence; and to learn to think for themselves while being mindful of the needs and views of others.  
A superb House system at the heart of the School ensures that everyone, whether a boarder or a day boy, feels fully at home and well supported. Our beautiful and historic campus provides space in which to think, breathe and grow. 

Opportunities abound, thanks not only to outstanding facilities and an extraordinary range of activities, but also to the dedication of our staff, who are committed to their students’ learning and growth both within and beyond the classroom.

Tonbridge is a school which celebrates the life of the mind, but which also enjoys putting knowledge into action. We are proud of our community partnerships both here and overseas, and of our boys’ willingness to take the lead and serve. 

Tonbridge’s mission encourages creativity, confidence and compassion. In the words of the great novelist and Old Tonbridgian, E. M. Forster: ‘Only Connect’. We are committed not only to providing a genuinely transformative education, but also to continuing to widen access, so that as many boys as possible can benefit from the experience that Tonbridge offers.

Places Available at 13+

13+ Assesses
Stage 1 - ISEB Common Pretest 
Stage 2 - Maths and English

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Boarding School

Age range

13- 18 years

Type of exam

(ISEB sat in year 6)
Unconditional offer:
No further steps required place secured

Conditional offer:
Candidate required to sit English and Maths test plus short interview in march of year 7 and some cases November of year 8

Written assessment in Maths and English

The director of admissions will review all applicants.
Each candidate needs to complete four chosen sixth form subjects.
ALL candidates will also be required to sit an English Language paper in addition to their four chosen subjects.
The top 50% of boys will be interviewed by a subject specialist.

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