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Wallington County Grammar School

Our motto is Per Ardua Ad Summa, 'Through Difficulties to the Heights'. Coming to school here as a student or professional means that we reach those heights daily by being part of such a successful educational organisation. What makes us great is that we meet life’s difficulties together, as a community and a family, using our core values of compassion, courage, commitment and creativity to achieve excellence. We believe that we should always show compassion to others, making decisions without self-interest and supporting all those in our community to be happy and successful. We must have courage, never being afraid of failure but embracing it to learn from our mistakes and better ourselves. We are committed, not just to reaching academic success but to enriching ourselves as scholars, sportsmen and women, artists, musicians, actors, debaters and anything else we set our minds to. Finally we are creative, always being willing to consider different solutions and think deeply about the challenges we face as individuals and as a society. Above all, we celebrate our incredible students through a culture of praise and recognition to make sure they leave us with the conviction that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Being a boys selective school founded in 1927 that welcomes girls into the Sixth Form, we work within the Folio Education Trust, blending the best of tradition with innovation to engage and inspire our students to be the very best they can be. Because of this our students make progress within the top few percent of all secondary schools in the country at GCSE and go on to gain places at the world’s top universities. Ofsted recognised the achievements of our wonderful students and staff, confirming that the School remains 'outstanding' in November 2022. I am incredibly proud to have worked here for the last 16 years and look forward to many more moments of pride and delight in seeing the heights that our students reach each and every day.

11+ Assesses
Selective Eligibility Test (SET)

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Co-Ed Sixth Form

Age range

11-18 years

Type of exam

2 Stage Assessment
Stage 1: SET test (selective eligibility test)
Stage 2:
School’s own assessment
Written assessment in Maths and English

Conditional on GCSE results
Typically requiring eight GCSEs. Three of which are a minimum of Grade7
Three of which are minimum of grade 6
Two of which are a minimum of grade 5 and to have achieved a minimum of grade 4 in English language and Maths.

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