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Westminster City School

We are a comprehensive school for boys, with a mixed sixth form, in central London, close to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Our founders adopted the motto Unitate Fortior – Strength in Unity. It is a sentiment that is as important to our School today as it was when it first opened in 1877.

Since becoming our school's fifteenth headteacher, I have realised why increasing numbers of young people are going that extra mile to be educated at Westminster City School. There is something very special that permeates our School – I call it the ‘Westminster City Factor’. For me, this factor comprises of a unity of so many strengths. Ours is a school unified by its culture, purpose, character, connections and sense of community.

We draw much from our rich history to ensure that everyone within our School’s multi-faith, multi-cultural and forward-thinking community is equipped with the skills and attributes to succeed in the twenty-first century. We are proud of this diversity which ensures our School is a true reflection of the modern city we live in.

Life at Westminster City School is demanding and rewarding, and enriches all within our proud community. Our School offers exceptional learning opportunities within an inclusive community. Our dynamic Christian foundation and rich heritage help equip each person with the life-skills needed to flourish. I hope your visit to our website gives you a firm sense of our aspiration for all that pass through our doors.

11+ Assesses
English, Maths

Admissions contact

020 7963 6300

Boys / Co-Ed / Girls

Boys Day School
Boys Boarding and Day School at 13+
Co-Ed Boarding from 16+

Age range

7-13 years
13-18 years
16-18 years

Type of exam

Stage 1:
Written Assessment in English and Maths
Stage 2:
Successful candidates are invited back for an interview with the Master and another member of the senior team. Plus, observed
small groups activities within the classroom

ISEB common pretest.
Stage 2: Approximately 100 children are then selected to take the written assessment in Maths and English
Stage 3: successful candidates are invited for an interview with a senior member of staff.

13+ Deferred
ISEB common pretest. Entry 11 plus style exam taken in year 6 for deferred entry into year 9.

Stage 2:
Successful candidates are invited for an interview.
The interview stage comprises further tests in Maths and English.

Stage 3:
Successful candidates are invited back for an interview with a senior member of staff.

Each candidate needs to complete a paper in four chosen A-Level subjects.

Strong candidates will be interviewed by subject specialist teachers.
During the interview process they are also required to sit a 40 minute Thinking Skills Assessment.
Conditional on GCSE required results.

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