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Wycombe Abbey

Wycombe Abbey is an exceptional place; it operates as a modern full boarding school for 650 girls and we are committed to the development of each one. Built on the firm foundation of more than 125 years of educating young women, our vision is to provide a world class education. We are excited about encouraging curiosity, bold ideas, innovation, leadership and delight in learning – inside and outside the classroom.

Superb academic outcomes are the hallmark of a Wycombe Abbey education and girls regularly secure places at the most prestigious universities globally. However, we understand the importance of looking beyond the narrow confines of excellent examination results to define success. Our rich co-curricular programme includes an array of activities and opportunities, ensuring that every girl develops her passions and explores new possibilities. These experiences, in turn, help to build the skills, discipline and character that will support her future life.

Ultimately, schools are about people and at the heart of Wycombe Abbey’s success is our total commitment to pastoral care through boarding. The values of mutual respect, encouragement and trust underpin everything we do; in this happy and close-knit community everyone is known as an individual, friendships flourish and girls enjoy each other’s company, all within the wonderful surroundings of 170 acres of magnificent parkland.

I hope that girls who are educated at Wycombe Abbey, including my own daughter, will leave school as confident, articulate, independent young women who are able to navigate a competitive, global, technology-driven world successfully but who also have the qualities to make a positive difference through the lives they live. What are these qualities? I believe they are the ability to form meaningful relationships; to display good judgment; to demonstrate courage and integrity; to be emotionally resilient and to have a deep sense of respect for themselves and others.

11+ Assesses
Stage 1 - CAT4
Stage 2 - English, Maths, interview

13+ Assesses
Stage 1 - CAT4
Stage 2 - English, Mathematics, Humanities, and a Modern Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese), along with a practical Science assessment.

Admissions contact
Boys / Co-Ed / Girls


Age range

11-18 years

Type of exam

Stage 1:
CAT4 online test.
Stage 2: Written Exams in Maths and English plus interview

Stage 1:
CAT4 online test.
Stage 2: Written Exams in Maths,Humanities, English, MFL, plus interview

Stage 1:
Online adaptive Online test in English, Verbal, Non Verbal and numerical tests plus a creative writing exercise.
Stage 2:
Written assessment in four of their chosen subjects for A level

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