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Mags Pitre

Hi, I'm Mags Pitre.

Assistant Director

I am originally from Canada and have been living in the UK for 17 years. I qualified in 2008 and have been teaching various year groups and subjects across Key Stages 1-3 and GCSEs.

I have been working with Emily for the past 6 years and our collaboration has developed over that period and I have now joined the company full time as Assistant Director. Since then I have also co-founded our sister company Exam Paper Experts, creating accessible exam prep resources for all.

I earned degrees in Marine Biology and History before completing a Masters level qualification in teaching. I strive to make learning fun, incorporating games and song, while nurturing a positive relationship with each child I work with.

I am passionate about tailoring lessons to suit each child’s individual needs and finding the learning method that works best for them, in order to enable them to a maximise their potential. One area that I’m particularly passionate about is helping children with SEN and this has been a focus of mine over my teaching career.

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